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Elgin Military Museum of Naval History

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Artists's rendition of the Elgin Military Museum
of Naval History. This is the view from Robinson Street, the main street of Port Burwell - looking south west.

Located forty minutes (28 miles) away from the Elgin Military Museum in St. Thomas, Ontario, the new Elgin Military Museum of Naval History in Port Burwell on the north shore of Lake Erie will be a satellite facility.

The Port Burwell site will be constructed along side our submarine which is already in place and open to visitors. The decommissioned HMCS OJIBWA, is an Oberon Class submarine of the Cold War period.

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An artist's rendering of the museum looking from the west to the south east. The Admin building will be built first. It will contain some displays and classroom space that will be moved into the other phases as they are built.

The OJIBWA is not in the water; instead, she is mounted on cradles set on a site on the east side of the Port Burwell harbour just north of the historic lighthouse - providing a seldom seen complete view of this sleek cold war warrior. The new museum will be built into the slope east of the submarine. Visitors will begin their visit with an orientation session in the museum and then proceed into the submarine in groups of 10. Until that time, visitors enter at the southern entrance to the compound reached by Pitt Street (turn west at the Lighthouse).

The Elgin Military Museum's substation, the Museum of Naval History will include: exhibit space, meeting room, offices, classroom, gift shop, lounge, locker areas and washrooms. The original plans call for a 15,000 square foot facility but we have a very large story to tell so watch us grow as the finances become availbable.

Visitors don't have to wait to tour the site. During the winter off season, tours can be booked for groups of four or more people and the last weekend of January and February, OJIBWA will be open for walk in tours - see the Plan Your Visit pages for details.  The 'Fisheye' tour of the exterior is not available again until the warmer weather.  For details as to how to book a tour, click here.

The Walk of Honour

A Walk of Honour will be located on the site to pay tribute to those who have served in the Armed Forces and in roles that supported these forces.